how you can help

There are a number of ways you can support The Courier-Mail Children’s Fund as they work to change the lives of Queensland children in need:

• Donate
• Attend an event
• Do some fundraising as a group, a company or an individual
• Encourage your employer to become a corporate supporter
• Sign your own company up to be a corporate supporter


Donations can be made by cheque or money order to:

The Secretary
The Courier-Mail Children’s Fund
GPO Box 163,
Brisbane Qld 4001

An acknowledgement and receipt will be issued.

As a registered charitable organization with donor gift recipient (DGR) status all donations made over $2 made to the Courier-Mail Children’s Fund are tax deductible.

We are committed to carefully selecting charities to receive funding and support, in a transparent manner, based on performance against metrics that are on public record. Individuals and organisations making donations to our Fund can do so confidently, in the knowledge that we will only welcome charities that meet our criteria into our program.


Attend an event

The Courier-Mail Children’s Fund runs fundraising events from time to time. You can help show your support by attending, having a great time, and making a donation on the day/night.

Don’t want to wait? Contact us to find out about hosting your own event where all proceeds go directly to the Courier-Mail Children’s Fund.


Fundraising can be as simple as a gold coin donation for a Casual Friday event or as complicated as a group skydive or long distance trek or anything in between. The only limitation is your imagination.

Before launching into a fundraising event on behalf of The Courier-Mail Children’s Fund it is important to contact us to discuss the nature of your event, use of our brand, confirmation that all proceeds are coming to the fund, and the processes around reporting and accountability.

Corporate Supporters

Many companies and organisations are seeking to do more good in the community. For some this might be in the form of a formal corporate social responsibility or designated charity program, and in others it can be a more casual event-by-event approach.

We welcome support from companies and organisations with a shared commitment to helping Queensland children in need. Please contact us for more information.