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The Courier-Mail Children’s Fund helps Mia get her one big wish

The Courier-Mail Saturday deputy editor Melanie Pilling (left) and reporter Jackie Sinnerton (far right) presented Mia Wilkinson and her family with a cheque for $30,000 from The Courier-Mail Children's Fund.
Picture: Steve Pohlner

Sometimes wishes do come true. The Courier-Mail and The Sunday Mail have helped Brisbane pre-schooler Mia Wilkinson a pair of comfortable new legs. The five year old with a contagious smile has been through the year from hell after beating off deadly sepsis, which she developed after a bout of the flu. Sadly, the bubbly preppy lost both her arms and her legs.

Saturday’s Courier-Mail revealed that all Mia wanted for Christmas was a new pair of comfortable legs so she could play with her friends and do the things they do. Mia’s legs were amputated in January, and she was fitted with legs from the hospital in July.

But because she keeps growing, after just a few months, her legs are now too small. A new set costs upwards of $30,000.

After hearing about Mia’s situation, The Courier-Mail Saturday deputy editor Melanie Pilling and reporter Jackie Sinnerton, approached The Courier-Mail Children’s Fund, one of Queensland’s oldest charities and established by the staff of Queensland Newspapers, to help the Wilkinson family.

And on Saturday morning, they presented a cheque for $30,000 to Mia and her parents.

“Little Mia is exactly why The Courier-Mail Children’s Fund exists. I’m delighted that we’ve been able to help Mia and her family,’’ Queensland managing director and Children’s Fund board member Jason Scott said.

“The Courier-Mail Children’s Fund has been helping Queensland kids since 1909. What is unique about the fund is that 100¢ in the dollar go straight to children in need.’’

Mia’s mother, Amy, said the gift was a wish come true for the whole family.

“Buying a new pair of legs is not like buying a new pair of shoes, and Mia is going to outgrow quite a few pairs of legs in her childhood,’’ Amy said.

“The newspaper and the Children’s Fund are awesome for helping us.’’

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The Courier-Mail Children’s Fund will continue to help children in need. It is hoped that The World’s Biggest Garage Sale on Saturday November 17 will raise $300,000.

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The Courier-Mail Children’s Fund has been helping Queensland children in need since 1909.

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